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North America in 1883 (Alt History) - Steamclock :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 21 6 Map of the Dungeons and Dragons 2e Multiverse v2.0 :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 58 17 [Commission] Map of Equilas :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 41 10 South America in 1883 (Alt History) - Steamclock :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 31 10 Steamclock - Europe in 1883 (Alt History) :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 38 10 The World of 1883 - Steamclock [WIP] Reworked :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 1 1 The Truth Behind #GamerGate :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 20 12 Ottolf's Handy Manual of Everyday Magic :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 1 0 The Baladiya of Birkha and Surroundings :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 8 3 Map of the Dungeons and Dragons 2e Multiverse v1.0 :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 5 2 Planescape Sheet for Pathfinder :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 3 0 Hoja de Planescape para Pathfinder :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 0 0 The World of 1883 - Steamclock [WIP] :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 2 0 Hoja de Personaje de Reloj de Vapor - Parte 2 :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 0 0 Hoja de Personaje de Reloj de Vapor - Parte 1 :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 0 0 The Brotherhood of the Impossible :iconmcmagnanimus:McMagnanimus 7 8


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North America in 1883 (Alt History) - Steamclock
Update: I uploaded the wrong file last night. This one properly includes the split territories of the Western and Easter Dominion of Canada, the Northeastern Consession under control of the East India Company, and Terranova, as well adding the missing labbel for the french possessions in Saint Pierre & Miquelon. Thanks thevizir for noticing the error!

Third in the series of regional maps I'm making for my homebrew roleplaying game Steamclock, this time focusing on North America, set in a XIX century that never was.


Actualización: Subí el archivo equivocado anoche. Este include correctamente los territorios divididos del Dominio Occidental y Oriental de Canada, la Concesión del Noreste bajo control de la Compañía de las Indias Orientales y Terranova, así como la etiqueta faltante del territorio francés de San Pedro y Miquelón. ¡Gracias thevizir por notar el error!

Tercero en la serie de mapas regionales que estoy elaborando para mi juego de rol casero Reloj de Vapor, esta vez enfocado en America del Norte, en un Siglo XIX que nunca fue.

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Map of the Dungeons and Dragons 2e Multiverse v2.0
A couple of years ago I made a map attempting to show the various relationships between the many worlds and realms that make the Great Wheel of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e cosmology. This version fixes some errors and missing elements (such as demiplanes), as well as include more information so that the chart can be of better use.

The idea was to cram the three main groups of realms -Outer Planes, Inner Planes, and the crystal spheres of the Prime Material- into a single chart, though this required the map to be made considering relationships and connections between the realms, rather than exact distances and relative positions.

Hopefully this will be of use to some Dungeon Masters out there who still enjoy using the fantastic Multiverse that TSR created and the countless settings it includes.

Part of the texture was made using Ayelie Stock's excellent Old Paper Texture 04, which can be found here:…

Made in Photoshop.
[Commission] Map of Equilas
Done as a favour for a good friend, this map depicts his world of Equilas, a star-shaped continent criss-crossed by bottomless chasms.

Done in Photoshop. Fonts used as Cardinal (for regions), Castellar (for water bodies), Charlemagne (for mountains), and Minion Pro (for individual locations).

Part of the texture was done using an Old Paper Texture from ibackgroundz.

Update 30-05-2016: Made some minor adjustments to labels and cleaned up some errors.

In related news, my friend's novel for which this map was made ("Crónicas de Équilas: La Espada de la Luna Rota") has just been published by Planeta for the Chilean market (and, hopefully, in other countries in the near future). You can find additional information here (in Castilian):…


Mapa dibujado para un gran amigo, representando su mundo de Équilas, un continente con forma de estrella atravesado por sendos abismos sin fondo que surgieron luego de una devastadora hecatombe.

Hecho en Photoshop. Las fuentes usadas son Cardinal (para los nombres de regiones y naciones), Castellar (para cuerpos de agua), Charlemagne (para las montañas) y Minion Pro (para ubicaciones especificas).

Parte de la textura de fue confeccionada a partir de Old Paper Texture obtenida de ibacgroundz.

Actualizacion del 30-05-2016: Hecho algunos ajustes menores al texto y limpiado algunos errores.

En noticias relacionada, la novela para la cual este mapa fue hecho ("Crónicas de Équilas: La Espada de la Luna Rota") acaba de ser publicada por Planeta para el mercado chileno (e, idealmente, en un futuro proximo en otros paises). Pueden encontrar mas información aqui:…


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